Thursday, July 29, 2010


Hey there! My name is Ashley Dunn, but I’m usually referred to as Dunn or Dunner because I am one of two Ashleys on the team. I'm an original townie, born and raised but intend on getting out of here post BGSU. I graduated from high school early, starting at BG in the spring of 2010 and I play defense. I rep the number 7 and plan on majoring in business- eventually I want to do something that incorporates math, art and fashion/design because I’d say those are my strengths and interests.

I’m a somewhat indecisive individual and therefore have a hard time picking “favorite” things. But, when it comes to food my favorite is Italian, especially if there’s lots of cheese involved and some type of bread on the side! I can’t pick just one movie so some of my favs are Moulin Rouge, P.S. I Love you, All the Harry Potters, and Over the Hedge. When it comes to music, I feel it’s impossible to pick just one artist or song because I love music so much and lots of different kinds but some of my favorite artists include Coldplay, The Script, and John Mayer. I can’t even attempt to say what a favorite song would be… it changes daily!

In the summer I like going to the quarry and playing sand volleyball but probably my most favorite thing to do is nap because I never have much time to during the school year.

One of the best gifts I've ever received I got recently as a graduation present. My daddy just surprised me with THE BIGGEST scrapbook I’ve ever seen- filled with every article, picture, memory, etc. from volleyball, freshman through senior year.

As I said earlier, I plan on getting out of BG after I graduate and I’m going to Greece. It is my dream destination and I am determined to get there.

One of my favorite quotes is from a song called Sooner or Later and it’s “playing in the rain is worth catching a cold.” I like it so much because it’s about taking risks- “Life is for living not living uptight!”

Thanks for taking interest in our program! Roll along!

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